Amsterdam. Sex and the City (Final) 

The Anne Frank House (Anne Frank Huis). Honestly, I didnt know the indepth story of Anne Frank. I just knew that she was a Jewish girl who stayed hidden in a cramped part of a house from the Nazis. And since that particular house situated in Amsterdam, what better way than to go and checking it out myself? 
I was lucky to get quite an early slot for the house tour at 9.45am (9€ per adult. do book your slot or else you’d have to Q for a VERY long time) and super lucky that it wasnt sold out. Since it was super early and it was drizzling out, we decided to get some coffee and sweets before we begin our walk. 

Flat white, mocchachino, banoffee and lemon meringue. the lemon meringue is 다뽕! 
Sticky Fingers is the in house cafe at The Tire Station. If you’re a guest at the hotel, you can choose to pay as you order or have them charged to your room. All transaction by credit cards only. We went down, got these and nommmmm away and quickly left towards Vondelpark (which is just behind the corner of the building.) 

It was still drizzling out but luckily our winter coats were water repellants so we quickly walked towards the I amsterdam sign. Since our hotel is in the vicinity of Vondelpark and it’s also the shortcut to get to Museum Square where the sign is, we reached there around 730 ish and managed to get nice photos minus the horrible crowd climbing over the huge letters. 

I forgot to mention that after we did some shopping at Leidsplein yesterday, we came here to get some pics with the sign. Needless to say, barely seen a perfect wording. Instead, 

Yeah, it was horrible. With group tours and the wet and slippery letters. I had no idea how those people managed to climb over the letters. So we gave up and decided to walk back to Leidsplein intersection for Hard Rock Cafe. 

And I was glad I decided to come back next morning. No horrible crowd. We took a few photos and the place started to crowd shortly before we left, phewwww!

The building behind the sign is the Rijksmuseum. It is the Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. As you walk through the tunnel, the entrance would be on the left whereby the entrance to the museum gift shop would be on the right. Again, I am no history and art buff but I always buy junks -stuff I never need- so I told my sister that we definitely need to check out the shop. Down we went and boy was I glad I had my sis for the trip. She went ‘You dont need that!’ to everything I held and flipped through. HAHAHAHAHA saved my €€€€€.

You dont need tickets to get to the shop but you definitely need one going inside the museum. Get the I amsterdam City Card if you want cheaper/unlimited access to museums/attractions and transportations. 

By 9am we were already at the entrance of Anne Frank Huis. Since it was still early (and super cold, thanks drizzles) we walked to the corner where the iconic door of the house was for photo ops hehe (typical tourists mehhh)

this is the Q at the museum entrance. They will announce your entry time for you to get into the Q. if you missed your entry time, you might not be able to go in. be punctual! 

the e-ticket for Anne Frank House. take note of the notice for bags/backpacks/trolley. if you have strollers for kids or large umbrellas, there is a place for you to station/park them (folded for kids strollers) right after the tix scanners. Call/email to enquire before you go as this was valid as of January 31st, 2017.

I think we spent about an hour inside. It was as original as it could get, with on-going rehabilitation works. I wish I could appreciate life more by reading Anne’s story on the hardships of having to hide, her fears of being captured by the ruthless nazis. As for me, my only concern while travelling is being discriminated by Islamophobics. I have only recently started putting on headscarf/hijab so I never had a problem going places prior. I know very well that having to hide for your dear life and getting bullied by Islamophobics should never be compared but honestly what is the different when most of the bullied muslims also lost their lives in the end? Hmmmm

There were pages of Anne’s original diary being displayed. It was in Dutch so naturally I didnt understand a single word. At times like this made me wish Im a language expert coz honestly some things do get lost in translations. 

We left the museum after what seems like hours. Fyi, you are not allowed to take any kind of photography inside of the museum. There were staff at every corner watching your every action. Dont risk it, enjoy the exhibition and presentation. Not everything has to be recorded, digitally or not.

Opposite the museum is Pancakes restaurant. They say pancakes but it’s more like fancy crepes 😂. I had one with smoked salmon and avocado and couldnt taste the speciality. Maybe the price is more fancy than the menu idk. Anyway, again all transaction is by credit cards only. 

After we were done taking refuge from the cold (and using the free wifi for customers only, hehe) we walked for a bit towards Dam Square for Primarks. Why do Europe has so many nice things??? Even after converting the currency they are still cheap! Needless to say, I spent my daily budget at Primarks and it was only slightly after noon 😂.

With lack of money in hand, we decided to head back to the hotel to dump all of the purchased items and to retrieve extra money. It was already our last day out so we decided to go to the traditional market Albert Cuypmarket next. 

Maybe it was the wrong season to go there. Not many stalls were opened and the Halal fried chicken stall that we desperately wanted to have were closed for the week 😭 So we had no other option other than the Stroopwafels and Poffertjes. 

While we did see some Halal Indian place around the area, we still refused to go in. I could not stomach the pure indian dishes. Back in Malaysia, we always have rotis at Mamak (Muslim Indians) place but maybe those Mamaks already assimilated with local flavours that they dont taste as foreign as the pure indian dishes i had at where im living now….

why are the flowers so cheap??? i wanted to buy and bring home badly 🌷🌷🌷

We were quite disappointed with Albert Cuypmarket tbh. It was nothing like it was described or recommended on tripadvisor. Not sure if it was just a bad time of the year or we just have different opinion on things but it is more of what the locals would go to. Get their groceries and their typical street food. Maybe I was in the wrong. I was expecting more of a morning/night market feels where you can find popular street food and unique stuff. Or maybe the Dutch only have Stroopwafels and Poffertjes as traditional snacks? 

Feling unsatisfied, we walked 10mins back to the tram stop. Albert Cuypmarket is the same stop you would get down to if you are going to the Carlsberg experience btw.  

Amsterdam Tram Network

So we went back towards Dam and from there we just walked without any particular direction. We were done with shopping, we were done with Stroopwafels (honestly the caramel syrup fillings were just too sweet there only so much you could eat in a day). So we did things that dont require €€€€



photos not as per sequence obviously.

And how could I not visit the most famous Red Light District? LMAO my sister insisted that we had to go here but when I asked her if she knew what kind of place it was she said that it’s one of the must-visit site. I was like ‘mmkayy, you’ll see.’ She freaked out as soon as she saw whats behind the glasses and covered her eyes while almost running. It was funny as heck. the Dutch and fries. Idk why fries is such an obsession here. Lucky for us theres so many halal place selling this. Apparently this place is voted as No. 1 on tripadvisor? Not sure, never checked. But it was good enough for me. You can get fancier ones with the cheese and mustards. 

After we made sure that we walked through all alleys, we made our way back to the hotel to unwind. Didnt even bother about packing coz we already planned to leave the hotel at 12pm next day. 


Uneventful flying out day. Checked out at 12pm. Reached airport at 1230pm. Had sushi galore at Schipol and braved through the long ass customs and immigrations before we finally got to our seats in the cabin. 

The end 🌹🌷

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