HaePoomTtal 해품딸

Just a short one since i am still annoyed with the vanished draft 😭

What exactly is Haepoomttal?

I am bad with words. I am bad at being creative. I think you could already guess that judging from the way I write.

I paid for the domain. So I wanted the domain to be something that is uncommon and special. Unfortunately I could not come up with anything since ya know, I have no creative side within me. So I went with the easiest option.

I named my domain after my most favourite drama. A korean drama to be exact.

The actual title is

Moon Embracing The Sun

Haereul Poomeun Tal


It’s literal title for the korean one and since it is too long the koreans normally just abbreviate the words.



Did you notice that I have double t instead for the supposed tal?

Well, I mentioned that I tried to be creative so I made it to be 딸  meaning daughter.

Daughter Embracing the Sun

Well…..I tried.

And I will talk about my Sun when it’s dark again.




I am still trying to recover the Amsterdam draft gahhhhhhhhhhhhh 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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