Amsterdam. Sex and the City (Part 2) 


5.00am: I had totally forgotten to book a tour for Anne Frank House in advance so as soon as I woke up in the morning I struggled through the official site for a pair of tix. We managed to get into next available slots at 9.45am for Day 3. Not too early and would give us enough time for breakfast.

Had some breads and fruits for breakkie. Breads packed from home, fruits from the night before. Im that kind of person who always packs extra noms from home (one of the reasons is, I’m a muslim. ya know, the halal thingy…so yeah) I know theres a lot of halal place in the whole world but lets face it…when you say Halal you either thought of Kebabs/Shawarma or Indian food. Im living at where Kebabs and Shawarmas are considered as staple food and Indian noms….we just dont get along. Nuh uh. Never. So knowing that we were going to somewhere new Mom packed us 2 small jars of sambal varieties. My mom made me do this I swear 😭

We left our room at 6am ish. First destination for the day- Zaanse Schans aka The Working Windmills. At first I wasnt planning to take the tram all the way to Amsterdam Central Station but unfortunately as soon as we left the hotel my damn foot sprained again. Old injury curse ;((((( So we took the tram from Rhijnvis Feithstraat and bought the day tram pass for 7.50€ per pax. Amsterdam Central Station is just a short ride away. Goedemorgen 🌞

Funny bit: I really needed some coffee and since the in house cafe Sticky Fingers didnt open until 7am, I decided to get some from the nearby COFEESHOP close to the tram stop. Yeap you guessed it right. Coffeeshop =/= Coffeeshop. The guy at the counter was like ‘Im sorry this is not the regular coffeeshop. It was so awkward I wanted to die of embarrassment 😂😂😂

 From Amsterdam Station, get the tix from the yellow ticketing kiosk. You can buy multiple tix at a time. Payment by cash or card accepted. You cant use the day pass amsterdam tram tix for the train to Zaanse Schans. Be sure to tap in and out at the turnstiles whenever you get in or leaving the station if you get a return tix or else you will be having problem on your return journey. The station for Zaanse Schans is Zanndjik-Zaanse Schans. You would have to walk about 15mins to get there but I swear that the walk would be very nice due to the surroundings (except if you go in the summer?) Total journey from Amsterdam Central Station to Zaanse Schans = 30mins (train+feet)
TIPS: Again, you can plan your journey by using the site/app 9292 Planner. It was accurate and we didnt have to waste time waiting for transport at the station.

erm I swear it wasnt this bad. It was cloudy and cold but not that bad >_<There are a few windmills related museums but we cbb to check them out. Just taking in the sceneries. If you come during the Spring, you would get to see tulips field 🌷

View of Zaanse Schans in Spring. Image taken from

So, while walking around we found this vintage cafe that serves hot from the stove Dutch waffle – Stroopwafel. The caramel filling is too sweet for my taste but since we got us some tea along with this they tasted perfect together. Stroopwafel is also sold at where I am living now but nothing taste better than having this from the originated country, no? The cafe also sold a lot of cute baking utensils and cutleries as souvenirs. Also mini stroopwafels in nicely packed bags and tins.

There are also animals around the farm and visitors were strictly reminded not to feed them breads since they wont be able to digest them and it would get them sick 😱

Cheese factory! There were a portion of this place where they would show you how they process the cheese. That would be a paid entrance if I could remember correctly. There is also free tasting of cheese of your choice. Not that much fan of cheese so we got the most basic cheese to go with our next snacks – Nachos with melted cheese. This was 1.5€ and I almost got myself another serving coz it was too damn good! I had this unsalted but still very good nonetheless.
sis took a few photos of me munching on these and i look super ugly than I already am. I only found out that I eat very sloppily and it had made me conscious of eating with people from then onwards 😭😭😭😭

We spent about 3 hrs around the area walking next to the windmills and finally decided to head back to Amsterdam for lunch. 

I forgot to mention that we got ourselves 2nd class tix so we headed back to the train station early even though the arrival time was about half an hour later just to make sure that we would get to be in the front of the line. There were many of us and just the thought of not being able to make it into the cabin and miss the train annoyed me LOL. We did manage to board the train. We also managed to get seats for ourselves. Only thing was the person sitting across was drunk and he reeked of alcohol. Really bad. I dont drink and I have nothing against drinker but the stench was so unbearable, my sister turned green and I myself almost puke if not for the lemon grass smelling oil I got from previous Bangkok trip. Total lifesaver. I guess thats the karma of being greedy of getting good seats 😭the smelling ointment of lemongrass that saved me from puking in the train. Thank you Bangkok.
From Amsterdam Central Station we took the tram to Damrak and walked about 5 mins to Dam Square. We could just walk from Central Station but because of the sprain foot….nahhhhh. Surrounding the Square is National Monument, Koninklijk Palace (The Royal Palace) and Madame Tussaud + Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. ( I went to Madame Tussaud in Hong Kong years ago and was not impressed. Also went to Ripley’s in Jeju Island a couple of years back. Not a fan.)
Took some photos and enjoyed watching the many humans passing bys. We finally decided to get some #noms.

Wok To Go in Damstraat. A certified Halal Chinese noms nearby the area. Thank you Google, Thank you Tripadvisor. Thank you Bloggers. 

We each got a large portion of different menus and instantly regretted. Dont judge the small box I think there was at least 2 servings of rice. 6.95€ depending on your base, main ingredients and sauce. We decided to walk back instead of taking the tram so we could do some shopping.

There were mostly noms place and cafes/bars around the area so it was lively than our hotel area. I think there was some costume party went about coz we saw older people in costumes walking in a group singing aloud. How fun.

So walking back to hotel means passing by the shopping street Kalverstraat. Re-energized after the noms, we went into a lot of shops and scored a few clothings and stuff we didnt need (women!) In my defense, they were on sale and they were dirt cheap…..excuses excuses…not a very nice picture but the street was more vibrant than this.

We took the tram from Leidseplein coz I didnt wanna walk with bags full of stuff and noms from the supermarket. I love how convenient and frequent to get the train in Amsterdam. You dont have to wait long if you miss one. I could leisurely walk to the stop and already the next one would be arriving.

Got to hotel, showered and snacking on the purchased noms while watching Rihanna’s  movie.


End of Day 2.

P/S: Even tho we didnt get to do a lot on Day 2 but the walks around the streets in between alleys and shops at night, the view and feels were amazing. Maybe I’m just the kind that enjoys these littlethings. 

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