Amsterdam. Sex and the City

Feb 4, 2017

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw away the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

coffeeshop =/= coffeeshop

We were supposed to roam in Italy but the flight was fully booked and Amsterdam was the nearest sector with available seats. I had read in tripadvisor that it’s a city where it’s nice to just walk and roam around so we didnt get the transport pass or the I amsterdam pass (not a museum / art buff). Instead, I like looking at buildings and constructions especially in Europe. Hotel booked, destination confirmed, off we went. 


Conscious Hotels- The Tire Station

A fairly new branch by Conscious Hotels chain. Very good location, in the vicinity of Vondelpark. Very comfortable room albeit the lack of view and very nice shower/toilet. Check in was smooth, wifi was super fast. 

I forgot to set the location on google map beforehand and my roaming pass didn’t work either at first so after 30mins of calling my telco provider I managed to use the internet. Turned out it was only 200m away from the tram stop, Rhijnvis Feithstraat. The whole ride from the airport took only 15mins. How convenient! 
Tips: Download 9292 and GVB apps from apple store or google play for real time transport updates

4nights=319€ including city tax

we should ask for street view next time….

Dropped all the unnecessary loads and changed, we left the hotel around 3pm. It was gloomy, but we were overjoyed that we found a shawarma place on our way to Leidsplein. It took about 40mins of leisure walk from the hotel. It was cold so we didnt mind the walk. 

Nieuwendjik. The pedestrian-only shopping street 

We went all over the place. As they said, Amsterdam is not that big. It is definitely better to walk. Magnificient view, especially around the canals. We really didnt expect and planned much for this trip. It wasnt until 2 days before the flight that we decided that we’ll just do whatever suggested locations there were on tripadvisor and be done with it. But I must say that walking mindlessly from one street to another and crossing the bridges over the canals are so much fun and calming. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings, especially for the passing bicycles.

Roamed around of what we called the shopaholic labyrinth. It reminds me of my first time in Apgujeong, Seoul. I have never able to find the same way out as I got in LMAO. 

Passing by Fossil, I was attracted by the SALE buntings outside of the store and dragged my sis in. Really really needed a wristwatch and I really liked one of the collections which I saw back in Malaysia. Im not one that normally wears a wristwatch. I rely heavily on my phone. Even in my school days I never really needed one. The bell will sound after every period so we knew when to switch for classes. I work a heavy duty job so nice looking and cute wristwatch arent really suitable so I never really felt like I should have one. 

After browsing through the collections and decided on one, my eyes were suddenly pulled towards a bag. Yeap. A bag. A freaking crossbody bag. I love crossbody bag and I own quite a lot of crossbody bags. Actually I just love bags. I have lots of cheap cotton tote bags that I bought from Flying Tigers Coppenhagen (MY FAV GO TO STORE FOR CHEAP 300¥ PER BAG IN JAPAN. Seriously, I went crazy when I found a newly opened store in Seoul on my recent trip.) So yeah, needless to say I bagged the bag instead of the wristwatch (LMAO wordsssss) spent 120€ minus the tax and it was also on sale. I just love being a tourist with all the tax refund thingy ❤️

Fun fact: There is less crime (pickpockets etc.) at Nieuwendjik because there are a lot of un-uniformed policemen roaming around the area. It is a very touristy area so it is more focused. At least this was what the staff at Fossil told us….😉

It was still winter so most of the shops closed very early. Some even closed as early as 5pm! So yeap, wrong timing to be in Amsterdam I guess? Nevertheless, Sis scored a winter jacket at H&M for only 7€! Dirt cheap! 

Since there wasnt much to do and I was still tired from the previous day work, we headed back to our hotel. Made a pit stop at a local grocery store for some fruits and the drug store for lip balms – 1€ Burt Bees & 3 pairs of woolen socks for 3€. Bargain! 


*Day 2 in the next post ^_^
P/S: Obviously im like half a year too late for this post. I have a lot of unpublished posts that I was writing before I forgot all my log in deets. Thank you for still browsing  and reading 🌹

4 thoughts on “Amsterdam. Sex and the City

  1. huewinnchan

    I have honestly enjoyed reading the blunt fact that you continued to persevere and post what happened on your trip despite it being 1/2 a year too late! It was sweet and humorous!
    I’ll be going to Amsterdam in a week’s time! Any recommendations?


    1. Hi Huewinn! Thanks for stopping by ^_^ Yeahhh I was going to give up and create a new domain hahaha

      I honestly did not managed to enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest. Maybe wrong timing plus it was too cold and cloudy when I was there. But if it’s your first time and you are getting a pic over at the I Amsterdam statue I would suggest that you go there SUPER EARLY in the morning. We reached there slightly after 7am (it was drizzling and wet) and literally the first ppl that managed to get a snap without a crowd of ppl around. I was going to post abt this in the next entry but yeah..there you go. oh and if you’re brave enough try cycling around the city ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. huewinnchan

        thank you for the tip! I have been to amsterdam a few days before, but only when I was a child/young teen – and with my parents! In other words, I /really/ didn’t get to explore Amsterdam most people would!

        Looking forward to reading your next post – hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait!!


      2. Heyyy sorry again. I went home for the week and still jet lagged and too tired to do anything. btw if you are not there yet, go to A’DAM Lookout. A girl I met there told us about the place, but we were already going home next day…it has observation deck and also a swing, if you’re adventurous ^_^ search it on google i think u’ll get the idea more. have fun!


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